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Code Name: Surge
Given Name: Noriko 'Nori' Ashida
First Appearance: New Mutants (II) - #08
Major SeriesNew Mutants (II)New X-Men (II)
Mutant Abilities: Electrostatic Discharge - siphoned electricity from the environment (controled through her gauntlets), Superhuman Speed
Status: Active, Mutant
Nationality: Japan
Current Residence: Utopia [Asteroid M] (off of San Francisco Bay), United States of America
Relatives: Seiji Ashida (father), Suki Ashida (mother), Keitaro Ashida (brother)
Occupation: Student 
Relationships: Dated Prodgy. 
Wind Dancer: I do not understand. Josh led us to find you and help you, Nori. Why would you not want to see him?
Surge: Because David's in there. I heard him judging Josh and now he's acting all worried like he's his friend. It's the same with me. He's trying to be my friend but he'd judging me for the pills that help control my powers. I know the type. All holier-than-thou.
(New Mutants II - #12) 

Xavier Institute
Squad: New Mutants
Roommate: Dust, until  New X-Men (II) #22 when she requested her own room.
Date for post-Field Day Dance: none 
Likes: Music
Dislikes: The General Public 
Voted: Class Rebel
House of M (Earth 58163)
'team': Junior S.H.I.E.L.D. agent; Hellions (under Agent Moonstar), previously of the New Mutant Leadership Institute
Relationships: Involved with Prodgy. 

Other Resourses
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