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Code Name: Hellion
Given Name: Julian Keller
First Appearance: New Mutants (II) - #03
Major Series: New Mutants (II) & New X-Men (II)
        New X-Men - Hellions
Mutant Abilities: Telekinesis
Status: Active; Mutant
Nationality: United States of America
Current Residence: Utopia [Asteroid M] (off of San Francisco Bay), United States of America
Relatives: William Keller (father), Elizabeth Keller (mother), James Keller (brother)
Occupation: Student
Relationships: Semi-dated Wind Dancer, is the unrequited crush of X-23
Julian: Ms. Grey gave me detention.
Josh: What'd you do now?
Julian: Used my telekinesis to try and unbutton her blouse.
Victor: Oh, man, what'd you do that for?
Josh: What do you think he did it for, Vic?
Cessily: Just for the record, you're all pigs.
Julian: Hey, she told me that in order to get better with my T.K. I had to focus on things I really wanted to move.
(New Mutants II - #07)

Xavier Institute
Squad: the Hellions (leader)
Roommate: Tag
Date for post-Field Day Dance: the Three-in-One (Stepford Cuckoos)
Likes: Getting the respect I deserve
Dislikes: You figure it out
Voted: Most Likely to Become an X-Man
House of M (Earth 58163)
Codename: Scion
'team': Junior S.H.I.E.L.D. agent; Hellions (under Agent Moonstar)

Relationships: Involved with Wind Dancer.

Other Resourses
Julian @ Comicvine
Julian @ Uncanny X-Men
+ this entry @ LJ
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