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Code Name: Mercury
Given Name: Cessily Kincaid
First Appearance: New Mutants (II) - #02
Major Series: New Mutants (II) & New X-Men (II)
        New X-Men - Hellions, X-Infernus & X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back
    Personal Arc/Series: Mercury Falling (New X-Men (II) #33-36)
Mutant Abilities: Body composed of an inorganic, non-toxic metallic substance which she can manipulate at will.
Status: Active; Mutant
Nationality: United States of America
Current Residence: Utopia [Asteroid M] (off of San Francisco Bay), United States of America
Relatives: Mark Kincaid (father, disowned), Jill Kincaid (mother, disowned)
Occupation: Student
Relationships: had an unrequited crush on Wither
X-23: Why do you order a drink? You do not need to drink or eat.
Mercury: How do you know--? It doesn't matter. I just like to hold it. Makes me feel human. Makes people feel more comfortable around me. It may not seem like it, but I'm one of the least students here.
X-23: None of us are human.
Mercury: I know... but I like to look human. Do human things. Julian knows... and I guess you do, now.
(New X-Men II - #33)

Xavier Institute
Squad: the Hellions
Roommate: (unknown; best guess Dryad - determined here)
Date for post-Field Day Dance: none
Likes: Shopping, Movies but not the scary ones, English Class
Dislikes: Snobs
Voted: Coolest Powers
House of M (Earth 58163)
'team': New Mutant Leadership Institute (under headmaster Xi'an Coy Mahn)

Relationships: best friends with Wallflower.

Other Resourses
Cessily @ Comicvine
Cessily @ Uncanny X-Men
+ this entry @ LJ
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