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Series: Young Avengers, #01 - "Sidekicks"
Character(s): Iron Lad, Patriot, Hulkling, Asgardian(/Wiccan), Stature, Hawkeye
Team(s): Young Avengers

Young Avengers - #01

JJ Jamison: Witnesses claim Thor Junior had lightning powers-- --that Iron Kid's armor was more advanced than Iron Man's-- --that Teen Hulk was very polite-- --and that Lieutenant America was--according to Farrell here--extreamly bossy.
Kat Farrell: He told me to move, like, ten times.
Jessica Jones: Where were you?
Kat Farrell: In his face, asking him questions.
Jessica Jones: While he was trying to put out the fire?
Kat Farrell: What's your point?
JJ Jamison: The point is, nobody knows who they are, where they came from, or why they're here. That's where we come in.

JJ Jamison: By the time tomorrow's paper goes to bed tonight, you ladies will have found out exactly who these kids are and what gives them the right to call themselves "The Young Avengers".
Kat Farrell: Um... Jonah?
JJ Jamison: Yes, Kat?
Kat Farrell: They didn't exactly call themselves the Young Avengers. I did that.
JJ Jamison: You did that?
Kat Farrell: I used a question mark. "Young Avengers?" It was a question. They're dressed like young Avengers.
Jessica Jones: Actually... they're not. This kid isn't wearing Captain America's uniform... ...he's wearing Bucky's. The suit's been updated, but--
JJ Jamison: You're right. The military jacket, the domino mask-- it is Bucky.
Kat Farrell: Okay, I'm sorry, but-- --who's Bucky?
JJ Jamison: "Who's Bucky?"
Jessica Jones: Bucky was Captain America's sidekick during World Was Two.
JJ Jamison: How could you not know Bucky? How old are you?
Kat Farrell: It was World War Two. How old are you?
JJ Jamison: I was extreamly young back then, thank you for asking. Young enough--and naive enough--to want to be Bucky.
Jessica Jones: You wanted to be Bucky?
JJ Jamison: Every kid did. Until Captain America lead a fourteen-year-old boy behind enemy lines... ...and got him killed. Suddenly, I didn't want to be Bucky anymore. Nobody did. From then on, kid sidekicks only showed up in comic books.

JJ Jamison: From then on, kid sidekicks only showed up in comic books.
Jessica Jones: Until now.
Kat Farrell: So, these kids are the Avengers' new sidekicks?
Jessica Jones: The Avengers disbanded. There are no Avengers. These kids are probably just super-powered fanboys.
JJ Jamison: How do you know?
Jessica Jones: I don't. I just--
JJ Jamison: How do you know the Avengers aren't still operating in secret? That these kids aren't just a distraction? A Publicity stunt?
Jessica Jones: Because I know Captain America. And he would never put a kid's life in danger. Never.
Kat Farrell: You know Captain America?
Jessica Jones: It's not like we hang out--
Kat Farrell: Wait--you were a Young Avenger once, too, weren't you?
Jessica Jones: No. I was a young idiot who had no business putting on that ridiculous costume in the first place.
Kat Farrell: I liked that costume.
Jessica Jones: Now you're just making fun of me.
Kat Farrell: Only a little. Check it out... ...Jessica Jones as Jewel.
Jessica Jones: Oy... where did you get that?
Kat Farrell: Off the net. You've got, like, two hundred fan-sites--
Jessica Jones: That may be the scariest thing I've ever heard.

JJ Jamison: So, who better to track down a gang of super-powered fanboys...?
Jessica Jones: Oh, no...
Kat Farrell: ...than super-powered, fan-favorite Jewel?
Jessica Jones: Guys, they're kids. They're not gonna remember me.
JJ Jamison: So, you'll remind them. You still have the costume, right?
Jessica Jones: Okay, I'm gonna be sick now. And not just because I'm pregnant.
JJ Jamison: So you'll find these kids, get their story, and practice your mothering skills all at the same time.
Jessica Jones: What mothering skills?
JJ Jamison: Exactly.
Jessica Jones: And how am I supposed to find these kids?
JJ Jamison: How should I know? Ask that super hero boyfriend of yours, Luke Cage. Or call your buddy, Captain America.
Jessica Jones: It doesn't work that way.
JJ Jamison: So, how does it work?
Jessica Jones: I have no idea.
JJ Jamison: Thenn what am I paying you for.
Jessica Jones: I'm not wearing the costume.

Kat Farrell: So, how do you want to do this? Are we going to work together? Or--
Jessica Jones: Actually, I'm usually better off on my own. I annoy fewer people that way.
Kat Farrell: Fine.
Jessica Jones: It's just--a lot of people I need to talk to have secret identities and--
Kat Farrell: It's fine. I get it.

Jessica Jones: So... ...Jonah wanted to be Bucky when he was a kid. That explains a lot.
Kat Farrell: Not really. What kid doesn't was to be a super hero? To have the perfect body? To be able to fly?
Jessica Jones: I wanted to be Spider-Man, so go figure. What about you?
Kat Farrell: Believe it or not...? I wanted to be you. So go figure.
Jessica Jones: You're kidding, right> ... Hey, Kat. Wait up.
Kat Farrell: So, what's your next move? Contact what's left of the Avengers?
Jessica Jones: I'll try, but I'm not as connected as Jonah... ...thinks.
Captain America: Jessica Jones...
Iron Man: Hey, Jess, how are you?

Jessica Jones: Uh...
Captain America: Sorry to just show up like this, but can we talk to you for a minute?
Jessica Jones: Um...
Iron Man: In private?
Jessica Jones: I guess, but... where--?
Iron Man: Allow me.
Jessica Jones: Thanks. Sorry about this, Kat.
Captain America: Enjoyed the articale, Ms. Farrell.
Kat Farrell: Thank you... Captain. Hey, Jess? Call me, okay? [smaller font] I'll be on my cell...
Jessica Jones: How'd you guys know where I was?
Iron Man: We have our ways.
Jessica Jones: My boyfriend told you, didn't he?
Iron Man: Yes, he did.

Jessica Jones: So, the kids aren't yours?
Captain America: No.
Iron Man: The Maria Stark foundation doesn't have enough money to fund a team of adult Avengers, let alone a group of sidekicks.
Jessica Jones: You guys noticed the Bucky thing, too?
Captain America: Yeah...

Captain America: Look, I'm sure these kids mean well-- but I will not allow another child to get hurt--or worse--trying to follow my example.
Jessica Jones: Cap, you're not responsible for this--
Captain America: Yes, I am. I was then and I am now. At least I'm trying to be. That's why we have to shut these kids down.
Jessica Jones: And how exactly are you guys planning to do that?
Captain America: We'll talk to them. Talk to their parents.
Iron Man: If they're mutants, we'll refer them to Xavier's school.
Jessica Jones: Well, you can try, but-- we're talking about teenagers here. Teenagers with powers. Do you see where I'm going with this? What if they don't want to listen?
Captain America: They'll listen.
Iron Man: We just have to find them.
Jessica Jones: Well...if I was a kid with super powers and I wanted to be an Avenger--Which I did, by the way--I'd head straight for Avengers Mansion.
Captain America: The mansion's secure.
Iron Man: With and alarm system so advanced, even I have trouble shutting it off.
Jessica Jones: So...what? We just wait for the kids to show up again?
Captain America: And try to stop them before they can hurt themselves. Or anyone else for that matter.

Captain America: Good to see you, Jess.
Iron Man: Let us know if you find out anything.
Jessica Jones: How do I get in touch with you guys?
Iron Man: Ask your boyfriend.

Kat Farrell: So, what do the cops know that we don't?
Jessica Jones: Apparentally the groom was just about to kiss the bride when five guys in Armani tuxedos whipped out semi-automatics and asked all two hundred guests to hand over their designer purses, wallets, and jewelry... The gunmen are now holding the entire wedding hostage until they get safe passage out of the city. And the cops are giving it to them.

Kate Bishop: The cops are letting them walk away?
Kate's Sister: Yes, Kate. That way we get to walk away, too.
Kate Bishop: That's ridiculous. We can take these guys. There's two hundred of us and only five of them.
(Robber1): Yes, but we have guns.

Iron Lad: Hulking, what did I say about coming in through the rose window?
Hulking: Patriot told me to.
Patriot: I did not. [smaller font] I suggested it.
Iron Lad: I said, "Somebody's gonna get hurt."
Asgardian: If the guys with the guns have their way, somebody's gonna get killed.
Iron Lad: Then we'll just have to take their guns... with a little magnetism... ...some well-placed throwing stars... ...a few lightning bolts... ...and good communication skills... ...the hostage situation is under control.

Hulking: Huh. That wasn't so bad.
(Robber1): Trust me, it gets worst.
Asgardian: Hulking! Behind you!

Hulking: I got him.
Asgardian: You certainly did.
Hulking: Yeah, thanks to you.
Asgardian: No. Thanks to you.

Patriot: Guys!
Hulking: Do you smell smoke?
Asgardian: Yeah...kinda...
Patriot: That's because that last lightning storm of yours kinda started a fire.
Hulking: Oh...
Asgardian: My bad.

Iron Lad: I'll get the fire. You get the bad guys.
Asgardian: Oh, right. The bad guys...

Kate's Sister: Who are these super idiots?
Kate Bishop: I think they're the Young Avengers.
Kate's Sister: Well, they're gonna get us all killed.
Kate Bishop: Not if I can help it...

Patriot: Let the girl go.
(Robber1): Not until my associates and I are safely out of here.
Patriot: The only place you and your associates are going is--
Iron Lad: Patriot, let them go! The police can handle it from here.
Patriot: Yeah, 'cause they've done such a good job so far.
Iron Lad: Hey, the police didn't endanger the hostages and set the place on fire. We did that.
(Robber1): Your friend has a point.
Kate Bishop: Which reminds me... ...so do I. **she stabs him in the leg with a throwing star**

Patriot: You didn't have to do that, y'know. I would've rescued you eventually.
Kate Bishop: Yeah, but this way I get to rescue you, too!

Kate Bishop: Don't bother to thank me or anything.
Patriot: For what? I didn't need a rescue! Especially not from a--
Kate Bishop: You will if you finish that sentence.

Kate Bishop: If I hadn't stabbed the guy--
Patriot: With my throwing star--
Police: You gonna come along quietly--?
Iron Lad: [smaller font] We have to get out of here.
Patriot: [smaller font] One second. This girl is driving me--
Iron Lad: [smaller font] Now!

Kat Farrell: Young Avengers? Kat Farrel, Daily Bugle.
Hulking: "Young Avengers"?
Kat Farrell: What? You don't like the name?
Asgardian: It's a little on the nose, don't you think?
Jessica Jones: So, what do you call yourselves?
Kat Farrell: "Iron Lad"? "Hulking"? And you guys think "Young Avengers" is on the nose?

Jessica Jones: What's Lieutenant America's name?
Asgardian: Patriot What's yours?
Jessica Jones: I'm Jessica Jones
Hulking: Jessica Jones? As in Jewel?

Hulking: Jessica Jones? wants us to call her.
Asgardian: Jessica Jones as in Jewel?
Kat Farrell: You were right. They are fanboys.
Jessica Jones: Fanboys who just destroyed St. Patrick's cathedral.
Kat Farrell: Who are you calling?
Jessica Jones: My boyfriend.

Patriot: Iron Lad! C'mon, man! Lemme go!
Iron Lad: You're gonna break both your legs.
Patriot: I'm gonna break both your legs if you don't lemme go!
Hulking: Guys, shut up! We're trying to run away from the cops, not attract their attention.

Iron Lad: We wouldn't be running away from the cops if you'd listened to me.
Patriot: Why should I? You just say the same thing over and over.
Iron Lad: Yes! Because you don't listen.
Asgardian: [smaller font] This is not super hero behavior.
Hulking: [smaller font] Nope.

Hulking: Here... Jessica Jones wants us to call her.
Iron Lad: Jessica Jones as in...
Asgardian: Jewel, I know. Jessica Jones. Who are we to be calling Jessica Jones?
Hulking: According to the Bugle, we're the Young Avengers.
Asgardian: Okay, before we call her, we have to come up with a better name.

Iron Lad: Look at this place... "Avengers Assemble..."
Iron Man: Funny you should say that--
Iron Lad: Who's there?
Captain America: We were just about to ask you the same question.

Captain America: What's your name, son?
Iron Man: How did you disable the alarm system?
Captain America: What are you doing here?
Iron Man: Where did you get that armor?

Jessica Jones: Hi...Iron kid? Iron... boy?
Iron Lad: Iron Lad.
Jessica Jones: Lad? Really? I'm--
Iron Lad: Jessica Jones. Formerly Jewel. Also Knightress.
Jessica Jones: Okay, instead of being scared that you know that, I'm just going to introduce you to Captain America.
Iron Lad: It's an honor, sir. Sorry about the ion blast.
Captain America: Not a problem.

Iron Lad: Sorry, sir. Sometimes the armor responds to my thoughts--before I even know what I'm thinking.
Iron Man: It's psycho-kinetic?
Iron Lad: Neuro-kinetic. The technology's a little... advanced.
Iron Man: By at least ten years.
Iron Lad: Actually? More like a thousand. See... ...I'm from the thirtieth Century. They call me Kang...

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