fai_dust: marvel comics: XFactorIII - issue #014 (marvel: xfactorIII #14 - layla)
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Series: X-Factor (III)
Timeline/Arc: Earth-1191 / post Messiah CompleX [X-Factor (III) #027] 
Character(s): Layla Miller, Linqon & Dwayne
Team(s): Summers' Rebellion 
please note: this review, while written by [personal profile] fai_dust (/Pixie Child), was written for and first posted at comicvine here; http://www.comicvine.com/x-factor-layla-miller-stuff-happens/37-136064/ .
"You think if I had the power to make things not happen, I wouldn't have used it to save myself? You think I wanted this?"  ) 
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